Malt Whisky Mustard


This delicious mustard goes well with cold meats, game casseroles and is exceptionally good with steak

Product weight 210g


Additional information

Weight .560 kg

Nutritional Values

Nutrition:Typical  vales per 100g

Energy 607KJ/ 146Kcal,

Fat 9.5g, of which saturates 0.6g

Carbohydrates 3.9g, of which sugars 3.6g

Protein 7.6g

Salt 3.7g


Water, Mustard Seeds, Spirit Vinegar (22%), Malt  Whisky (7.5%), Salt, White Wine Vinegar (1%), Sugar and Spices


Allergen Does Product contain allergen? If Yes, Describe component
1. CEREALS CONTAINING GLUTEN (and Derivatives) (i.e. Wheat / Barley / Rye / Oats / Spelt / Kamut / Triticale) NO  
2. CRUSTACEANS (i.e. Prawns / Crab / Lobster) NO  
3. MOLLUSCS (i.e. Mussels / Oysters) NO  
4. EGGS (and Egg Derivatives, i.e. Albumin, Lysozyme) NO  
5. FISH (and Fish Derivatives) NO  
6. MILK (and Milk Derivatives, i.e. Casein) inc. Lactose NO  
7. SOYA (and Derivatives) NO  
8. MUSTARD (Mustard Seed and Derivatives, i.e. Mustard Flour / Mustard Oil) Yes Mustard Seeds
9. SULPHUR DIOXIDE & SULPHITES (E220-E228) >10 mg/kg NO  
10. LUPIN (and Lupin Derivatives) NO  
11. CELERY / CELERIAC (and Derivatives) NO  
12. PEANUTS (and Derivatives, including oils) NO  
13. NUTS (‘Tree Nuts’, i.e. Almond / Hazelnut / Walnut / Cashew / Pecan / Brazil / Pistachio / Macadamia / Queensland) (and Derivatives, including unrefined nut oils) NO  
14. SESAME (Sesame Seed and Derivatives, including oils) NO  


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