Salad Dressing


This Gold Award Winner is an exceptionally flavoursome dressing, known by the family as ‘Jungle Juice’, which leaves the palate with clean crisp flavours. Try it on a baked potato with a little extra olive oil instead of butter.

Product Weight 142ml


Additional information

Weight .480 kg

Nutritional Values

Nutrition:Typical  vales per 100g

Energy 1222KJ/ 292Kcal,

Fat 15.8g, of which saturates 2.2g

Carbohydrates 39.3g, of which sugars 39.1g

Protein 0.4g

Salt 0.15g


Malt Vinegar (Barley), Sugar, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (17%), Mustard, Herbs and Spices.

Allergy Warnings

Allergen Does Product contain allergen? If Yes, Describe component
1. CEREALS CONTAINING GLUTEN (and Derivatives) (i.e. Wheat / Barley / Rye / Oats / Spelt / Kamut / Triticale) Yes Malt Vinegar ( Barley)
8. MUSTARD (Mustard Seed and Derivatives, i.e. Mustard Flour / Mustard Oil) Yes Mustard Powder


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